Is it worth having a business card designed for your business? - Anthropic Financial Advisors
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Is it worth having a business card designed for your business?

Is it worth having a business card designed for your business?

When it comes to having a business card for your business, you may be thinking it is not worth spending the money to have one professionally designed. Especially when you have designed your own cards before.

If you are honest with yourself, however, you may already realize having had business cards that were self-designed did not make them any more beneficial to you. In fact, in some regard, it could have been a detriment.

Why should you get a business card designed for your business? — Even though it looks as though designing a business card is an easy thing to do, if you want yours to stand out it is not really.

In fact, if you pay a professional to design your next business card, chances are you will notice a big difference in how the card is received when you hand it out to people. This is because a professional designer can design a business card in such a way that the graphics will pop, the font will make people pay attention and the entire card will be so nice to look at people will keep it instead of throwing it away.

A well-designed business card gives you legitimacy — People assume someone with nice business cards that were obviously professionally designed is doing well in their business life. This alone will often give you more legitimacy, as people treat you like a professional.

A well-designed business card makes you memorable — One of the reasons why you should have a professionally designed business card is because they make you memorable.

When you are using your business cards as a form of advertising, making you memorable will often mean the person you give your card to will keep it and file it away for future reference. Simply because it looks nice.

This can mean you receive new business from someone months after you first met them.

Your card will be more noticeable — Many people use their business cards as advertising. So they place them on bulletin boards, in their local coffee shops, send them in letters that they mail and generally put them in any public spot they can.

If, however, your business card is not professionally designed, there is little chance it will stand out from the crowd. Have your new business card professionally designed, and yours may be the only one that is noticeable on a notice board full of cards.

International travel often mandates a business card — If you do business overseas, especially in Asia, you will often find it is mandatory to have a business card. In some countries like Japan and Korea, local business people may refuse to do business with you if you do not have a card.

Business cards are more needed overseas than they are at home. So, if you want to be successful on international trips, be sure you are carrying your nicely designed cards at all times.