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How To Qualify For a Payday Loan on SSI

How To Qualify For a Payday Loan on SSI

Can SSI Recipients Get Payday Loans?

Many recipients of social security worry that they may not qualify for payday loans, however this is not the case. Most payday lenders will treat social security income the same as any other regular type of qualifying income such as a paycheck that may be received on a consistent basis. Though some SSI recipients may not receive their funds deposited into a traditional checking or savings account, they can still qualify. If the benefits are deposited onto a SSI debit card, they can use their SSI reward letter as proof of income. The reward letter will serve in lieu of a traditional pay stub. This also limits the amount of personal information that customers must provide payday lenders, such as bank account information and online banking info. The payday lender will then base the loan amount on the income received from social security monthly.


How Do SSI Recipients Receive Payday Loan Funding?

SSI recipients have the same options of receiving cash from payday loans as other borrowers. Funds may be available for direct deposit into either a checking or savings account. Cash or check may also be an option if the loan is applied for and received in person. One added advantage is that funds can also be deposited directly onto a SSI debit card, which is an attractive option for many since the funding is usually much faster and they have the convince of continuing to use their card for purchases. Additionally customers can have the payments repaid directly from their SSI debit card also, limiting the need to set up a second source for paying back the loan.


Important Considerations For SSI Recipients With Payday Loans

Taking out a SSI payday loan is a matter which should undergo serious consideration for any individual. Interest rates are oftentimes higher than traditional loans, and repayment terms may not always be favorable for the borrower. Regardless of these factors, payday loans are still a valuable tool for many because of their easy qualification process and quick availability of funds. SSI recipients who decide to take out a payday loan must consider all of these details carefully. Since many SSI recipients are already living on a fixed income, the repayment terms of the agreement should be thoroughly examined to ensure that the amount can be factored into their budget. Because interest are so much higher than other loan options, payments are also typically more. Any missed payments can potentially impact the customer’s credit and financial situation in a negative manner. Customers may also want to consider being proactive and contacting their payday lender should any financial hardships arise, to see if any adjustments can be made to their repayment schedule.