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7 Tips That Will Help You Find the Best Criminal Lawyer in Australia, Sydney

7 Tips That Will Help You Find the Best Criminal Lawyer in Australia, Sydney

Look, let’s get real here. How to find a lawyer who will stand for you or your family in criminal or DUI proceedings is a topic that no one finds it interesting to learn, right! Unfortunately, somethings might happen in the future, and being prepared early beforehand can be the best way out to face these challenges. It can be a terrifying process to look for Sydney criminal lawyers who will stand with you during criminal trials. Before looking for the one to represent you, do thorough background research and always try to find answers to these questions:


  1. How is their consultation process?

More often, you will find lawyers offering free or affordable consultation. This is the best opportunity to evaluate their ability. Don’t feel obliged to take services of the first lawyer you talk with if you didn’t find them a good fit for you. Probably, you might be running out of time but ensure you consult several different law firms to find the best lawyer who will represent you effectively.


  1. How are their reputation and testimonials?

Operating as a commercial law firm is not a guarantee that they have best lawyers. Ask for references from people you can trust or do some background research. You can go through their websites or use other reliable online sources to get the information you require. Ask around and see whether they have a history of winning their clients cases.


  1. What is their knowledge and experience in handling specific cases like yours?

Perhaps the most crucial factor to consider even above the reputation is their experience and the success profile in handling cases like yours. If the firm has never dealt with a case like yours before, or they have a poor record of winning such case, be sure this would not be the time you would wish to give a trial. Try as much as you can to find an attorney who has a proven outcome record on cases like yours, and discuss with them the best strategy they think your case should follow in the court.


  1. How much will they charge or plan to bill you?

Don’t be shy or uncomfortable asking this before you give them the green light to represent your case. Attorneys are more likely to bill a flat fee, can be paid through retainers, or suggestions for an hourly fee, or a combination of all these. Make sure you clearly understand the billing process and what it all covers, so that you won’t feel as they took advantage of you for not consulting.


  1. How are you relating to them?

Lastly but not the least consider how comfortable you are communicating with them before trials. However, while the relationship could be professional, you should feel comfortable consulting anything. If there may be aloof and unresponsiveness, then they might not be the best to represent you.