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The best tips and tricks to design an effective business card

The best tips and tricks to design an effective business card

A business card is a small card that identifies a person in connection to his or her business and is usually given to clients or potential customers. A well-designed business card can be highly effective in creating a long lasting impression for a business person and his or her business. However, designing effective business cards is not straight forward as there are several mistakes that business card designers commonly make while designing and printing business cards.

So, how do you design an effective business card?

This article will give 5 important tips and tricks that business card designers can use to make effective business cards.

  1. Including all the necessary information.

Regardless of the design or material used, an effective business card must contain all the necessary information that a potential customer may require to contact the business. The business card should include at least the name of the business or company, a simple but clear description of what the business does, and basic contact information such as email address or phone number. It is important to ensure that the design elements do not clutter the card to make it easy for people to find the information they may need to reach the business easily.

  1. Using appropriate design principles

Once you have chosen the information to include in your business card, it is important to adhere to some common principles of design to make eye-catching and informative business cards. This involves the use of colors, texture, shape, and layout of the business cards. Brightly colored business cards tend to be relatively more effective compared to the dark-colored once. Cards with texture are more engaging while cards with unique shapes and layout also tend to be noticed quickly. When these design principles are chosen appropriately, they significantly contribute to the success of an effective business card.

  1. Seeking professional assistance.

Even with all the necessities to make business cards, professional knowledge and experience are also crucial in making effective business cards. It is therefore advisable to hire a professional graphics designer who has the right skills of designing and printing business cards or use the in-house designer from a company printing business cards in Vancouver. A well-experienced designer can make professional, unique and modernized business cards which can significantly increase the effectiveness of your business cards.

  1. Using a QR code

A QR code is a two-dimensional barcode in which encoded data that can be read by several devices such as smartphone cameras can be stored. Mostly, the data stored is a link to a website. Business card designers can take advantage of QR codes to boost the effectiveness of the business cards as QR codes provide an eye-catching visual element which is easily noticed by potential customers. It is therefore worth including a QR code as part of the information on the business cards.

  1. Making business cards with alternate uses

This is an excellent way of making your business cards stand out and also enhance their effectiveness. You can print something different other than the usual information such as a short survey, hangtags, nametags, and ticket to events among others. You can also turn your business cards into appointment cards by printing all the necessary information on one side and leaving space where your customers can fill in their date and time for their next appointment with you on the other side of the card.