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A Guide to Selling Your Home

A Guide to Selling Your Home

Selling a home can take a great deal of your time, planning, lots of paperwork and sometimes money. If you have never done it before, selling can be emotionally challenging. By using the following few tips, you can expect an offer anytime soon without having to pass through the daunting process of having to wait for buyers for months.

Pay attention to the Curb appeal

It is a common belief in real estate that a buyer will decide whether to consider buying a house within 60 seconds if seeing it. So, before the buyers start to knock on your door, you need to ensure that the curb appeal does not turn them off.

Trim the branches, pressure wash walkways, plant blooming flowers, mow the lawn, and clean the windows. Pay attention to little things that the buyer will see first, such the front door and windows. Simple things like a damaged letterbox can turn off the buyer quickly. Whatever you do, focus on maximizing the home’s marketability.

Do Pre-inspection Repairs

Any serious buyer will make his or her offer contingent of having your house inspected professionally. His or her inspection may turn up varieties of defects issues, which in most cases turn the negotiation table to his or her favor. The best way to avoid this is to make sure that the house is in the best way possible condition. Hire a professional inspector and make the necessary repairs.

You can go overboard and make small upgrades, particularly the kitchen, the light fixtures, and bathrooms. If the cost of repair it too much, you can decide to lower the sale price. For instance, in a situation where repairs involve fixing a crack in the foundation, this could be very expensive, and repairs would not make financial sense.

Price is Right

Setting the right price is the key to selling a home. The prices may be rising in some areas, but it is always advisable to be reasonable and compare your home to similar homes in the neighborhood. Overprices homes rarely sell, whether there is a housing bubble or not, but again, buyers today are ‘savvy’ shoppers. If you set the home price too low, then they will think that there is something wrong with your home. Overpricing often lead to longer stay in the market, and this could prompt future cuts, which could make the listing of your home look stale and somehow less desirable.

Hire a Realtor

They will charge you a commission, but they can be quite instrumental when it comes to markets and pricing it right for a quick house sale. Realtors can also prove to be quite valuable when it comes to marketing your home. Home sellers who use real estate photography sell their homes 32 % faster than those who do not. A realtor will make sure that a professional photo of your home is available on multiple websites.

Although it is important to keep these things in mind when selling your home, it is recommended that you prepare yourself mentally and financially if things turn out differently. If the house stays on the market for long, you may consider other alternatives, such as renting until you find a buyer, and in some situations, you can consider foreclosure.